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SiteGround Launches a New and Improved Control Panel

SiteGround has been working its hardest to support various distinct interfaces and control features to make it easier for people to operate their websites well. SiteGround has hired many professionals dedicated to helping to develop the site’s work. New interfaces are being designed by SiteGround to make it easier for people who use SiteGround to manage their sites.

Customers who have been using the cPanel interface and the old User Area will both be switched over to the new interfaces being supported by SiteGround.

A Smarter Interface

The interface that works on the new SiteGround layout is important to note. The design uses a single-page application that provides a better approach for work. The site will be easier for users to manage.

In addition, the interface can be read on most mobile devices. Without having to scroll all the way through, it will be easier for content to be managed accordingly.

Four Critical Sections

The control panel is being called the new Crystal theme. This theme is designed to produce a simplified approach for managing data without being too complicated. The design provides fast help, while also ensuring data and feedback is easy to use and follow through upon.

There are four sections that will go into the new SiteGround control panel:

  1. Quick Support

People can use this to find information on what they can do for building their pages.

  1. Find

Information will be easy to search through and incorporate in many forms.

  1. Statistics

The stations section includes details on the processes running, CPU usage, and execution points. These are used to identify many things that are critical to work.

  1. Account Information

The general information surrounding what is working here will be critical for people to note. In many cases, analytical information can help people identify when they need to get out of their current hosting plans.

Simple Site Tools

Users can also use the Site Tools features provided by SiteGround to facilitate a faster approach for handling content. SiteGround uses Site Tools for helping to create FTP users or to facilitate MySQL databases. The convenient prompts that work here are critical for ensuring the site is appealing and functional.

The General Goals

The goals of the new SiteGround system are important for people to note:

  1. It will be easier for people to create sites through SiteGround.

Many of the people who use SiteGround are single-site operators. Small business owners or bloggers can use the SiteGround system to produce easier to manage websites.

  1. The onboarding work will be more efficient regardless of the base one uses when getting a site ready.

SiteGround can work on everything from Joomla to Magento to WordPress. The added functionality of SiteGround under the Crystal platform is critical to note.

A Focus on Collaboration

SiteGround understands that website developers often cannot take care of their sites on their own. This is why SiteGround is working with a distinct plan for collaboration that focuses on producing a detailed look for any site.

The new Crystal setup makes it to where users can ship their sites to clients in moments. A site can be started under a client’s hosting account and then be shipped to another account. Site ownership can be shared or transferred to many people to facilitate a more collaborative approach all around.

The GrowBig account option also lets people handle their data through the Client Area. The operator can add other people as collaborators for work purposes.

The most important part of collaboration is that it entails working on content without having to use multiple logins. The design facilitates a simple approach to handling work that will not take long to manage, which is critical for ensuring the site operates well.

No Need For Addons

One of the best parts of the new SiteGround system is that it operates without having to incorporate any bothersome addons that might be difficult to maintain. Addon sites often produce limits on what people can do when trying to produce websites.

The original cPanel system has a good look, but it often requires the use of many addon sites to go alongside primary sites. This makes it harder for items to be planned out, not to mention the access levels being used won’t be as strong as people might expect.

The new system that SiteGround uses will help you with establishing a better design that is not too hard to plan out or use. All the sites people use on SiteGround will be fully equal.

Sub-User Help

Sub-users on a SiteGround account will also have more control over their efforts in managing content and keeping data under control. With SiteGround, it becomes easier for people to have the proper access levels when managing their content. The work makes it easier for people to manage unique points that will add to the quality of what is offered.

No Framework Compliance Required

The new SiteGround design does not have to comply with third party frameworks. This means that it will be easier for products to be integrated with SiteGround. The design provides a better approach to work that won’t be hard to plan out. The work is especially convenient for those who want to use the Let’s Encrypt system for their management intentions.

Who Is Excluded?

Not all people will get into the new SiteGround system right away. Among the entities that are not going to move to the new control panel include:

  • Cloud and dedicated server accounts
  • People who use SiteGround through special partnerships with others
  • Italian and Spanish clients

A Final Note

The work that SiteGround is pulling out to improve upon how well the system works is something that should be noted. SiteGround will make it easy for people to produce great websites while also facilitating a simple approach to manage without being hard to follow. The collaborative functions involved will especially be critical for the success of the work that people are putting in.

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